2018 FAIR

August 15th - 19th 


  • Wed - 10am - 10pm
  • Thu -   10am - 10pm
  • Fri -     10am - 11pm
  • Sat -    10am - 11pm
  • Sun -   10am - 5pm

Mailing Address:

Middletown Grange

P.O. Box 47

Penns Park, PA 18943


Twitter: @Grangefair684

Middletown Grange @684 Fairgrounds

576 Penns Park Road

Wrightstown, PA 18940

Dancing Diggers  Saturday:

3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00

Become a Sponsor of the Fair! Contact us at Grangefair@verizon.net

Fair Directors:  Scott Dengler    Amber McKenney     Roy Vander Wyck

69th Middletown Grange Fair


  • The Chicken Dinner is offered Thursday through Saturday.  Tickets go on sale at 3:30 each day until they are sold out.  Cost is $15. There is also a Child size for $10.

  • NO Dogs allowed

                                             Admittance is FREE!


DAILY PASS:  A Daily Pass allows multiple entries throughout the day it is purchased.  $10 per day, per vehicle (As many occupants that fit!). 

5 DAY PASS: $30.  Good for unlimited entry throughout the fair.

Veterans are admitted free.